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RANGE Remote Video Surveillance System


RANGE is autonomous and quickly deployable system for remote video surveillance with remote control. It is designed to receive and record video data from remotely controlled video cameras and thermal camera via radio channel.

System includes high-quality and high-resolution digital video camera and high-resolution thermal camera (640x480). Video camera Day/Night has built-in varifocal lens with auto focus. The lens of the thermal camera enables video surveillance in complete absence of light or during the fog, within 200-300m radius. Video camera and thermal camera are installed in separate temperature-proofed housing with heater. Both cameras are attached to a high-speed high-precision pan&tilt device manufactured by the FLIR Company. This device enables panoramic view (360o) with the precision of memorized positions up to 0.06o. The set can control up to 4 remote devices.

Video data transmission is accomplished via digital radio channel to ensure high quality and stability of the image even under insufficient signal condition. Digital radio link is based on the CORDON series video transmitters and receivers with COFDM modulation manufactured by the SET-1 company. It is possible to operate several sets simultaneously on different frequencies. The radio link is protected from unauthorized interception and enables use of a PIN-code for data protection.

Transmission and control unit (TCU) has impact-resistant and waterproof design. The unit is installed in case. TCU has autonomous built-in battery, control keyboard and test monitor, which allow to check the proper installation and performance of the optical module and TCU without control point use.

The set has two-way remote control system, which can control the device within 5 km line-of-sight distance. Remote control system allows alternate management of one out of 4 remote devices, the position and configuration of video cameras, and storing the preset settings in the memory.

The set includes receiving control point, which is designed to receive and record audio and video data.

Receiving control point has built-in multi-channel receiver, which enables reception of signal from the transmitting module of the remote device. It is possible to install up to 4 video receivers that would allow simultaneous signal reception from 4 remote devices working at different frequencies.

Received information is recorded to built-in 4 channel video recorder.

Receiving control point is equipped with 17 video monitor with picture in picture function which allows to display the video information.

Receiving control point has built-in battery:
- lead-helium battery;
- Li-Po battery for normal environmental conditions;
- LiFePO4 battery for operation under harsh climatic conditions.
Receiving control point can operate and be charged from 220V mains and from on-board vehicle network.
All three batteries have automatic charging systems and automatic switch to another power source (when connected to the 220V mains, or to the on-board vehicle network), and protection system against discharge/recharge.

Receiving control point can be made in impact-resistant and waterproof case or in standard version in laptop bag with rigid frame.

The RANGE set includes directional antennas, which allow operation in up to 5km range (with optimal position of antennas and absence of interference).

  • Transmission of video and telemetric data
  • Data recording
  • Remotely control of the pan&tilt mechanism and the video camera (up, down, right, left movement), lens (focus, zoom) as well as On / Off function of the entire system
  • Variable speed control
  • Four preset positions of the camera, zoom and focus are available