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CORDON Series Digital Video Transmitters


CORDON series compact digital video transmitters are designed to transmit high quality audio and video signals, and telemetry data by wireless with COFDM modulation.

COFDM modulation and digital diversity reception provide high image stability under poor signal propagation conditions: for multipath transmission and signal fading, during movement and for non line-of-sight conditions.

Digital video transmitters are developed for variety of fields. They differ from each other in their design and special functional capabilities. Due to compact size and high performance, CORDON digital video transmitters can be successfully used in portable robot vision systems.

Video transmitters are flexible for their parameters tuning which enable to increase the signal’s transmission range and to change video image quality and signal delay. Optimizing of the settings can significantly improve work of the system. For example, if ultra-narrow band mode is activated, it can increase transmitting range by several times without transmitter output power increase.

CORDON Tx/Rx programmer can be connected to the transmitter that allows frequency channels switching without using a computer and select between preprogrammed configurations on the spot.

Transmitters are designed to operate with different types of antennas of the appropriate frequency range, including those produced according to customer requirements.

All of the video transmitters are compatible with CORDON series video receivers of proper frequency range.


  • Operating frequency
  • Output power
  • Bandwidth of the transmitted signal
  • Modulation
  • Video signal compression type
  • Amount of transmitted frames per second
  • Processing and encoding parameters of audio signal
  • Amplifying coefficient of audio signal
  • Mono/stereo mode
  • Data transmission speed via telemetry channel
  • Features
  • COFDM modulation and digital diversity reception
  • High image stability under poor signal propagation conditions: for multipath transmission and signal fading, during movement and for non line-of-sight conditions
  • Special narrow band format of COFDM modulation provides increase of transmission range and enables simultaneous operation of several video transmitters in a narrow frequency range
  • Transmission of audio (stereo), video and telemetry data
  • MPEG2 compression is used in the video transmitter that enables transfer of high resolution video image without delay
  • Switching of frequency channels
  • Programming of operation modes
  • Waterproof design
  • Temperature range from -50 to +60 °C
  • Compact size
  • User friendly


  • Video transmitters are designed to work from external Li-PO ABP-3 battery of 11.1V 2.5A*h, manufactured by SET-1
  • The video transmitter can work with video camera with supply voltage of 12V (Binder connector). RIBBON series video camera manufactured by SET-1, is recommended to be used with CORDON video transmitter


  • Built-in audio and video recorder with recording duration up to 15 hours
  • Recording authentication
  • Loop recording mode
  • Video recorder automatically switches on when power supply is connected
  • Video transmitter CORDON TX2R can be connected to the PC via USB-cable for transmission of the recorded data

    CORDON Tx4

  • Additional connector for data transfer via telemetry channel (transmission speed of 115kbit/s. simultaneously with the video stream)
  • The product is designed in a metal waterproof case with plugs for antennas and external equipment connection. The case is equipped with mounting hardware to install video transmitter CORDON Tx4 into customer’s equipment
  • Due to small size and high performance, digital video transmitter CORDON Tx4 can be successfully used in compact video surveillance systems
  • Options


  • Planar dipole antenna 1/2 wave SHDA1100 REPLICA
  • Directional antenna SA1100 GRID
  • Outdoor planar directional antenna
  • 1/2 Wave dipole flexible antenna with spring insert
  • Magnetic based Antenna SHARK
  • Magnetic based antenna MA1100


  • Video cameras PAL CCD/CMOS
  • Autonomous power supply ABP-3 (Li-Po battery with voltage of 11.1V, and capacity 2.5A*h)
  • Programmer CORDON Tx/Rx (only for CORDON series video receivers and video transmitters with programming function (RS232 control)
  • 4-channel video selector with remote control SELECTOR AV4
  • Multi-channel remote control unit
  • Specifications
    Available models portable portable,
    with video recorder
    for outside installation,
    with channel switch,
    with directional antenna
    for in-device installation
    (robotic and unmanned systems),
    the largest set of interfaces
    Video recorder (built-in):
    - memory card microSD
    - recording time (external battery), h 15, not less
    - video standard PAL B/G/H/I, 50Hz
    Channel switch (configuration) option option built-in external
    Output power, mW 500 500 800 800
    Operating distance range, km 0.5–1 0.5–1 5 1 (ground)
    25 (air)
    Tuning range:
    - setting of manufacturer, GHz 1.30–1.40
    - standard, GHz 0.34–0.47
    - optional, GHz 1.00–1.10, 1.10–1.20, 1.20–1.30, 1.40–1.50
    Frequency step (minimum), kHz 250
    Modulation, narrowband mode:
    - bandwidth (standard), MHz 2.5
    - bandwidth (optional), MHz 1.25, 0.625
    - error correction 2/3, 1/3
    - modulation QPSK, 16QAM
    Modulation, wideband mode:
    - DVB-T bandwidth, MHz 8/7/6
    - error correction 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6
    - modulation QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
    - signal format PAL, NTSC
    - video compression MPEG2
    - MPEG2 frame frequency full-frame mode
    - delay (depends on the mode), ms 43–500
    - microphone remote, 700mm, mono remote, 700mm, mono line input, stereo line input, stereo
    - compression MPEG Layer1 32kHz 384-64kbit/s
    - compression NICAM Style, kHz 32, 16, 8
    - capacity, bit 12 and 8
    Data interface optional optional optional RS232 data input 1.2-115.2kbit/s
    Data encryption ABS Encryption 32bits
    Remote control optional optional optional RS232 input via PC,
    Software GUI Application
    Power supply (depends on the type of video camera), V external DC 12 +/-10%
    Current consumption (without camera, at 12V), mA 800, not more 800, not more 800, not more 1500, not more
    Video camera connector DC 12V
    Programming connector RS 232 optional optional optional
    - external (SMA)
    - built-in directional (SMA)