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SECTOR Multifunctional High-Speed Digital Full HD Wireless Link for UAV and UGV

  • SECTOR is designed for transmission in real-time mode of audio/video, telemetry and remote control data via wireless link with COFDM modulation
  • Diversity reception
  • Full HD video recording at the transmission side
  • Full HD video transmission in real-time mode with minimal delay
  • COFDM modulation allows to have high quality stable images under difficult signal propagation conditions, for example, in motion, under out-of-sight conditions, in the presence of interference, etc.
  • Miniature size, ultra-thin design and high performance allows SECTOR to be successfully used as a part of compact vision complexes


  • Compatible with analog (PAL) and digital (VGA, Full HD) video cameras
  • Simultaneous transmission of two streams of data - digital and analog
  • Ability to work with repeater
  • Real time clock
  • UART interface radio extension (speed up to 115200 baud)
  • The tablet or PC can be connected to the receiving device via USB2.0 port
  • Watching the transmitted and recorded data on the mobile device (e.g. tablet, iPad)
  • Transmitter and receiver operating mode can be controlled from the mobile device
  • Low heat generation


  • Transmission of audio, video, telemetry and remote control data in real time with its simultaneous recording at the transmission side. Telemetry and remote control data are transmit via emulation of UART protocol (speed up to 115200 baud)
  • Audio, video, telemetry and remote control data storage at the transmission side followed by high speed data download and saving at the receiving side upon user request
  • The using repeator for increase working distance
  • Specifications
    Frequency range, MHz 900Ц1400
    Frequency step, kHz100
    Bandwidth, MHz8Ц24
    Video compression standardsH.264
    Frame rate, frame/s25Ц50
    Resolution (PAL, CCIR / VGA / Full HD), pix. 720x576 / 640x480 / 1920x1080
    Stored data transmission duration (1 hour of Full HD/VGA record), min. 12/4
    Data bit rate (Full HD), Mbit/s6Ц24
    Delay, ms160Ц300
    Video data transmission range (line of sight), km:
    - ground-ground, urban conditionsup to 1
    - ground-airmore than 60
    - speed, baud 9600, 19200, 115200
    - level of logical У0Ф, V 0Ц0.4
    - level of logical У1Ф, V 2.0Ц3.3
    Data Transmitter
    Output power, mW10Ц500
    Power supply, V3.2Ц5.2, external, Li-PO
    Current consumption, mAnot more than 1200
    Data storage deviceremovable, microSD (up to 256GB)
    PC connection portUSB2.0
    Dimensions (without mount), mm90 x 28 x 9.0
    Data Receiver
    Output power of RC, mW10Ц500
    Power supply, Vexternal, USB
    PC connection portUSB2.0
    Dimensions, mm99 x 77 x 5.5
    Indication (switchable) turning on, recording
    Output power, mW10Ц500
    Power supplyexternal, USB
    Data storage deviceremovable, microSD (up to 256GB)
    PC connection portUSB2.0
    Dimensions, mm99 x 77 x 5.5
    Indication (switchable) turning on, recording

    * - product Repeater is on development.