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Robotic Complex Control Kit


The kit is designed for remote control of robotic complexes.

The main feature of the kit is universal remote control unit, that allows to control robotic complexes of different classes.

The product simplifies operation of the device, increases mobility of the user and reduces load, which is vital in the emergency the emergency situation, when the user might be required to perform other functions.

The kit is purposely designed with separate components for simplicity of deployment. The tablet computer is located on the operator's tactical vest with MOLLE fastening system, the remote control unit is self-contained, has compact dimensions and low weight, and can be put away into pocket of the tactical vest.


  • Multipurpose remote control unit (RC) manufactured by SET-1
  • Robust tablet PC for image display with RESET receiver


    It is designed to control robotic complexes wirelessly, including their manipulating equipment and other functions.

    Design of the RC Unit

  • Three joysticks and buttons for control of robotic devices
  • Display of graphical telemetry information
  • PIKATINNI rail for attachment of display
  • Special integrated low-profile antenna
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

    Features of the RC Unit

  • Multipurpose RC Unit allows to control robotic complexes of different classes
  • Ability to reassign controls
  • Ability to select from saved configurations to control the compatible robots
  • Compact size and low weight of the RC Unit
  • Possibility to control loading/unloading operations during transportation with RC Unit
  • Two-way data transmission link


    The device is designed to display video and telemetric data received wirelessly from robotic complexes.

  • The device is designed to operate in the field and extreme conditions: high air humidity, dust, low pressure, extreme temperatures, the impact of vibration, shocks, and ship motions
  • RESET wireless video receiver with built-in antenna is integrated in the device
  • The device is equipped with a pivotal fastening and PIKATINNI rail for mounting on the MOLLE system
  • Specification
    Remote Control Unit
    Frequency range, MHz 903Ц927
    Modulation GFSK
    Sensitivity -113dBm FEC 50kbit
    Output power, mW up to 500, controlled
    Downloading speed, kbit/s 50
    Number of fixed links, not less than 99
    Power supply, V 3Ц12
    Operating time, h up to 8
    Image Display
    Display image size
    Operating system Windows 10
    Receiver interface USB2.0, WiFi
    RESET Video Receiver
    Frequency range, MHz 900Ц1400
    Frequency step, kHz 100
    Modulation COFDM
    Video compression standard H.264
    Frame rate, fps 25Ц50
    Resolution (PAL, CCIR / VGA / Full HD), pixels 720x576 / 640x480 / 1920x1080
    Delay, ms 100Ц300
    Line of sight operating range (ground-to-ground, urban conditions), km up to 1
    Power supply built-in, Li-PO
    Type built-in
    Antenna gain power, dB 2
    Directional pattern circular