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STACK 2 DVR with Remote Access via GSM or WiFi and with Remote Control Function


The device is designed for remote video surveillance. It has build-in recording function and video transmission via GSM network or Wifi.

The device records the information from video camera and microphone to the built-in SD card and sends to the users email or FTP server via 3G, 4G GSM network or WiFi.

The user can watch the received files pseudo real time with a delay due to the data transmission.

Video recording can be controlled remotely by the user or by the timer or by the external IR alarm motion sensor. The user is informed about alarm sensor activation via SMS-message and snapshots simultaneously sent by e-mail.

The device can be operated with special software.

Any SIM-card with activated function of data transmission without fixed IP-address can be used with the recorder.

The Recorder is compatible with any analog camera. PTU video cameras can be used with the device. PTU should be connected by an external Pelco D protocol adapter.


  • Video and audio Surveillance in pseudo-real time mode
  • Snapshot mode
  • Data recording and files transferring to the users e-mail address or users server via 3G, 4G GSM network or via WiFi
  • Video recording can be watched from smartphone or a laptop
  • The device is designed for remote real time video surveillance with data recording and its transmission via 3G GSM network
  • Recording function can be enabled with alarm signal
  • Various types of sensors can be used to turn on recording
  • WiFi activation from remote control
  • Special software is used to control the Product
  • Uses SIM card without fixed IP address
  • PIN code protection against unauthorized access


  • Slots for two video cameras connection
  • Microphone connector
  • RS232 or RS485 for external device control
  • Ethernet interface for remote access
  • Specifications
    Video recording standard MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264
    Resolution (video), pixel 720576
    Audio signal mono
    Audio recording format MP3
    Audio sample rate, kHz 32
    Delay for viewing via server, sec. 10-15
    Snapshots recording format JPG
    Recorder power supply, V 12, external
    Video camera power supply, V 12
    Setting up and control WiFi
    Current consumption, mA:
    - camera, video recording, data transmission mode   360, not more
    - camera, video recording mode 120, not more
    - stand-by mode (GSM module is ON) 7-10, not more
    - hibernation mode 0.1-0.3, not more