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SPHERE Wireless Exploration Device (360)

RC Unit

The SPHERE is designed to collect audio and video data in hard to reach or dangerous zones. The system transmits the data via wireless channel to the video surveillance and remote control unit.

Intelligence and exploration device SPHERE is designed as a ball containing 4 video cameras with LED highlights, microphone and data transmitter.

The device has build in positioning feature - it automatically comes to vertical positioning after rolling.

Reconnaissance and exploration device SPHERE has an extraordinary function to provide simultaneous video data transmission from 4 video cameras without any loss of image quality.

Remote control of SPHERE, reception and monitoring of the data is executed via wireless channel with the help of the remote control and video surveillance unit.

The device is stored and transported in the dust-proof/water-proof case.


  • Device turns on by removing of the locking pin
  • Simultaneous image transfer from 4 video cameras
  • Panoramic 360 view
  • Highly durable
  • Able to withstand multiple throwing and drop from 5m height
  • Powerful white or infrared LED (optional) highlights
  • Ultra sensitive microphone
  • Vertical positioning of the device
  • Rechargeable battery

    Codes of Model
    1110/1150 1110–1150MHz
    1190/1230 11901230MHz
    IR infrared LED highlights
  • RC Unit Remote control unit allows to receive and watch video data obtained with the help of SCARAB and SPHERE video exploration equipment.

    The Remote Control Unit consist of the following items:
  • Joystick
  • Display
  • Device control buttons
  • Audio/video output for external monitor connecting
  • SCARAB/SPHERE mode switch button
  • Frequency channel switch
  • Battery level indicator of SCARAB/SPHERE systems and of the Remote Control Unit
  • Highlights ON/OFF button
  • Selection of highlights - LED (white) or infrared
  • Flexible spring antennas

    Remote Control Commands (for SPHERE)
  • Turning on/off the device
  • Changing of video display mode
  • Reception of the video data
  • Listening to the audio data received from the exploration units microphone via headphones or built-in speaker
  • Highlights control
  • Battery level indicator
  • Frequency channels selection
  • Specifications
    Video data transmission range to the video surveillance and remote control unit, m   50
    Frequency range, MHz:
    - code of model 1110/1150
    - code of model 1190/1230
    Video cameras (in-house development) (x4) CMOS, B/W
    Lens (4pc.) Bordlens 2.8
    - default
    white 4x6 LEDs
    - code of model IR
    Angle of view, degrees 360
    Power supply Li-PO (rechargeable)
    Operating time (depends on operating mode), min. 50
    Diameter, mm 90
    Weight, g 640
    Operating temperature range, C from -20 to +45
    Moisture (at +25C), % 98

    Remote Control Unit Specification
    Frequency range, MHz 11101230
    Frequency of the Remote Control, MHz 917
    Power Supply Li-Ion
    Time of continuous operation (from built-in battery), min. 240
    Dimensions, mm 271x163x77
    Weight, kg 1.8