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ECHELON All Weather Universal Battery with Step-Up Function Based on Li-PO Rechargeable Battery

  • Designed for autonomous power supply to the devices with 12V power consumption:
    - remote video control systems
    - communication systems
    - security systems and etc.
  • Ideal for in the field implementation
  • To increase operating time it is possible to connect more then one battery in the step-up mode
  • There is special connecter for the connection of the second battery or the charge on the body of the battery
  • In the step-up mode all the batteries work independently
  • If one of the batteries stop operating it wont cause any disruptions the power supply of the connected unit
  • Possible to use as a back up CPU
  • Balancing system of the build-in accumulators allows to fully use capacity of each battery and prolong use of the whole battery system
  • Unique technology of measuring of charge and discharge of the accumulators GAS GAUGE allows to show precise level of the battery charge despite change of the power consumption and temperature
  • It is possible to charge up to 6 connected batteries at the same time from AC or vehicle charger
  • Short circuit protection in the load with automatic self-recovery
  • Protection against reverse polarity
  • Charge level indication
  • Specifications
    Max. capacity of the build in battery, Ah 6000
    Nominal output power, V 11.1
    Range of output voltage, V 9.0 - 12.6
    Maximum continuous output current, A 3
    Maximum peak output current (not longer than 1 second), A 10
    Input power voltage in the charging, V 15-19
    Maximum current consumption in the charging mode, A 1.4
    Charging time of a fully discharged built-in battery, h 5.5
    Temperature range in the operation mode, deg. C from -30 to +55
    Temperature range in the charging mode, deg. C from 0 to +50
    The recommended number of the connected modules from 2 to 6
    Performance up to IP68
    Weight, kg 0.8
    Size, mm
    165 x 72 x 37