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BAP 1280 Stand-Alone Power Supply Unit: Lightweight, Ultra-High Capacity, All-Weather

  • Waterproof design
  • Absence of memory effect
  • 30% less weight compare to equal capacity lead-acid battery
  • Ability to operate at extremely low temperatures
  • Absolutely accurate indication of the battery level
  • Built-in lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery (LiFePO4): 12.8V, 78.4Ah
  • Stabilized output voltage:
    - 12V, 10A
    - 24V, 5A
    - short circuit protection
  • Built-in charger:
    - wide range of input voltage: from 10 to 30V DC
    - protection against reverse polarity
    - battery charges fully at a room temperature within 15 hours
  • Stabilized output voltage:
    - 12V, 10A (maximum)
    - short circuit protection
  • Extended duration of autonomous operation:
    - the possibility to parallel set up several BAPs
  • Smart battery status monitoring system:
    - measurement of current and voltage of every battery element
    - calculation of the remaining charging/operating time under various load conditions
    - balancing of the battery elements
    - battery elements protection from overcharge and full discharge
    - the battery temperature control
    - information is displayed on the LED indicator
  • A wide range of operating temperatures from -50 to +50 °C
  • Automatic built-in battery warm-up system
  • Automatic cooling system
  • Reinforced case for transportation