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PAPYRUS III Digital Audio Recorder


Digital audio recorder PAPYRUS III is a professional voice recorder designed for high quality recording under harsh acoustic environment.

PAPYRUS III allows recording of meetings, negotiations and interviews inside building as well as outside using built-in or external microphone. Built-in microphone can record within 5m radius inside the building and within 1-2m radius outside in urban conditions.

PAPYRUS III has prolonged time of continuous recording (up to 153h) compared to other PAPYRUS series recorders. PAPYRUS III has remote control function.

PAPYRUS III is user-friendly. The recording is switched on with one switch. Front panel contains the control button, which allows to check the operating mode and battery charge level.

Wireless remote control is used to check the charging process of the battery and set up the operation modes.

Audio data are recorded to the built-in memory. Wide dynamic range of the recorded signals allows recording even in the noisy environment.

Built-in Li-Ion battery provides more than 153 hours of continuous recording. Charging of built-in battery is done automatically when connected to PC or charger. LED-indicator shows charging state.

Recorded data can be downloaded and played back only via PAPYRUS TOOL software. In this case, digital audio recorder PAPYRUS III has to be connected to the PC and the memory files have to be downloaded to the hard drive (audio files are saved in the wav format). Recorded files are downloaded to the hard disk drive of PC via USB-USB-micro cable. Files in the memory of audio recorder can be protected against unauthorized downloading with PIN-code.

Configuration of the recording quality, VOX-function, recording timers and remote control function can be done while connected to the PC.

Software has capability to provide authentication of the records with confirmation of absence of any changes made to the audio file and confirmation that the recording was made by the selected audio recorder.

Digital audio recorder PAPYRUS III is delivered in plastic case for easy transportation and convenient storing.


  • User-friendly
  • Up to 153h of continuous recording
  • Use of built-in or external microphone
  • Recording in noisy environment
  • VOX function
  • Invisible for the kinematic audio recorders locators
  • Protected against audio recorders jammer
  • Protection against unauthorized download or interception
  • Built-in clock and timer
  • Switching on the recording by preset timer
  • Manual or automatic turning on/off of the audio recording (according to the sound level VOX function or preset time 8 independent timers)
  • Wireless remote control of basic functions of digital audio recorder (only when external microphone is connected)
  • Audio recording in a loop
  • User PIN-code
  • Color indicator of the battery condition and operating mode
  • High quality audio recording
  • Ultra-low energy consumption
  • Recordings authentication


  • PAPYRUS III is made in the metal case
  • PAPYRUS III TITAN is made in the reinforced titanium case that protects the device from electromagnetic fields and audio recorders jammers


  • Law enforcement authorities for creating protocol during special operations, in polices cars and etc.
  • Security services
  • Emergency services (fire brigades, ambulance, rescue services) during rescue operations
  • Professional services (law, medical, business, journalism and etc.) for recording of meetings, consultations and interviews


  • Until the memory is full recording is done until the memory of audio recorder is full. Once memory is full recording stops automatically
  • Loop recording mode once the memory is full recording continues overwriting previously recorded files


  • High (sampling rate of 32kHz, recording time up to 76h)
  • Medium (sampling rate of 16kHz, recording time up to 153 h)
  • Specifications
    Memory built-in
    Size of built-in memory, GB 4
    Sampling rate, kHz 32 / 16
    Recording time, h 76 / 153
    Time of continuous operation in recording mode from fully charged battery, h 153, not less
    ADC, Bit 12
    Dynamic range, dB 82
    Power supply built-in Li-Ion battery
    Current consumption in recording mode (with fully charged battery), mA 10, not more
    Downloading time of recording from full memory, min 80, not more