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Model Photo Features
Collinear Antennas With Spring Insert
for mobile robotic systems; ability to bend up to 90°; operating frequency from 300 MHz to 6 GHz; antenna gain from 8 to 12 dBi
SHDA 1100 REPLICA Antenna
operating frequency 900-1400MHz; antenna gain 2 dBi; directional pattern 360°
GRID Directional Antenna
operating frequency 900-1800MHz; antenna gain 6dBi; directional pattern 70°
SHARK Magnetic Based Antenna
for receivers and transmitters of CORDON line products; operating frequency 1365-1395MHz; antenna gain 3dBi; directional pattern round
Antenna Flat Miniature
operating frequency 900-1400MHz; antenna gain 2dBi; directional pattern 180°
F-type Antenna
120MHz band (70MHz band at 900MHz); the frequency range is 900, 1000–1400MHz (optional); 4dBi gain; circular pattern
Antennas of AD and ADK Series (900 - 1400MHz)
Used in mobile robotic systems. Compatible with equipment manufactured by the CET-1 company and with the customer's equipment. Outdoor use. The frequency range is 900-1400 MHz. Two designs of AD and ADK (differ in size and working strip).