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VM 010 Video Modem


Video modem transmits audio and video signals from color and black-and-white video cameras via radio channel.

The devices has metal frame. Modem has SMA-plug to connect the antenna and plugs for external devices connection. Antenna output of video modem is protected from short-circuit and off-load.

Video modem can be used under stationary conditions in remote video surveillance and video retranslation systems.

Device has output power control. Signal reception is done to the video receiver PRM TV, manufactured by SET-1.

Frequency, MHz 1010–1200
Frequency forming synthesizer
Relative instability 100х10-6, not more
Modulation type FM
Frequency carrier deviation, MHz +/-6–7
Supply voltage, V 7.2–14
Output power (at Us. =12V, at load of 50Ohm with VSWR ≤ 1.3), W 1/4
Current consumption (at Us. =12V), mA 1000, not more
Subcarrier sound, MHz 7.5/5