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WiFi Module for DVRs FOCUS Series

WiFi Module for DVRs FOCUS Series
  • The device is designed for convenience of on-line monitoring of operating capability and correctness of installation of FOCUS / FOCUS-A videorecorder's video camera.
  • Recorded Full HD video data is transmitted by wireless Wi-Fi link to any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) equipped with Wi-Fi function.
  • Access Point" mode provides video image transmitting for 5-10 meters distances.
  • Power saving" mode restricts duration of Wi-Fi transmitting (selected by user settings).
  • Setting of Wi-Fi link parameters.
  • Ability of Wi-Fi function turning ON during recording (without stopping of recording) by use of remote control unit.
  • Compact-size plastic casing, cable with microUSB connector, built-in antenna.
  • Network standard IEEE 802.112,4 GHz.
  • Modulation type OFDMBPSK, QPSK.
  • Power consumption 1W.

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