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The New Generation of Video Transmission System

The system is designed for online transmission of video-, audio- and telemetry data. The system is specially developed for usage as a part of compact size complexes with synthetic vision modules.
  • Video transmitter compatibility with HDMI action cameras (Full HD 1920x1080)
  • Ability to connect video receiver with an external monitor with HDMI input
  • Audio and video data recording by video receiver (micro SD card up to 32GB)
  • Extended range of power supply voltage 918 V
  • Up to 2500 mW increased output power
    CORDON-10 Description

    Audio/Video Recorder with Remote Access via GSM 4G (LTE) and with Remote Control

    The recorder is designed for remote real time video surveillance with data recording and its transmission via GSM network.
  • Monitoring of the object in real time mode (latency less than 2 seconds)
  • Snapshot mode
  • Data sending to the users FTP-server via 3G,4G GSM network
  • Video surveillance by use of a smartphone, laptop or PC
  • The Recorder control by unique software
  • Using a SIM-card with activated data transmission function with fixed or without fixed IP-address
  • PIN-protect from unauthorized access
    STACK-5 Description

    Audio and Video Recording Equipment with the Location Tracking

    The equipment provides continuous recording while officer is on-duty.
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous recording (if fully charged)
  • Voice communication via GSM by external headset
  • Built-in GSM module (location reception from GLONASS/GPS satellites, transmission of SOS messages)
  • Color video camera with automatic switching of the day and night modes, viewing camera angle is 70
  • Saving of date, time and coordinates with overlay text onto the image
  • Downloading of the selected recordings to the hard disc via software and card reader
    BADGE Description

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