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New Line of Dipole Antennas (900 – 1400MHz)

New Line of Dipole Antennas (900 – 1400MHz)

The new line of compact dipole antennas with circular pattern has been developed and is under mass producing by SET-1 company.

The antennas are compatible both with the devices manufactured by SET-1 and with the customer's equipment. Designed for outdoor use.

The antennas have two designs - AD and ADK, which differ in size and operating band:

  • - AD series is more compact (diameter 20 mm) with a narrow band (100MHz)
  • - ADK series has a larger diameter (30 mm) and wide band (200MHz)

    Both series of antennas are available for various frequencies in the 900-1400MHz range.

    The uniform circular radiation pattern and high gain ensure high stability of wireless communication when using antennas at the receiving and the transmitting sides.

    It is recommended to use SET-1 magnetic base with N-type or SMA (male) connector on the drop cable for antennas installation on a vehicle.

    Antennas of AD series with additional spring inserts are recommended for use on board of robotic systems. For receiving equipment operating in a wide frequency range it is recommended to use ADK series of antennas.

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