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AHD Technology in SECTOR and RESET Wireless Links

AHD Technology in SECTOR and RESET Wireless Links

SET-1 Company has improved SECTOR and RESET multifunctional wireless links. There emerged an ability to connect high-definition video cameras based on AHD technology.

The advantages of AHD technology:

  • Possibility of using video cameras with up to 1080p (Full HD) resolution
  • Connection to the transmitter by a shielded or coaxial cable, in the same easy way as for the case of analog cameras
  • Power consumed by the video camera does not exceed 1W
  • Transmission of video, audio and control commands is executed without delays and the quality loss
  • AHD video cameras are widely available in the market; they are produced by various manufacturers and have a variety of designs.

    The convenience of plugging allows using AHD cameras both in special equipment and in open and covert video surveillance systems, in unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics.

    The main technical features and dimensions of SECTOR and RESET wireless links remained unchanged, the compatibility of the wireless links with serial digital cameras VGA, HD and Full HD, with analog CVBS cameras is preserved.

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