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Dear Friends!

End of April marks 25-year anniversary for our company.

We are proud of this date!

In these 25 years we went through a long and tough path. We had obstacles and successes, we had many years of very productive work as well as down times. We survived crises and moves.

All this experience made us stronger, wiser, and helped us improve professionally, which brought us to the next level. We grew bigger, from a small group of 20 dedicated individuals to almost five times that size. Our employees never stopped learning new skills and became high-profile specialists. We created several profile departments, such as engineering, design, sales, as well as aiding departments, such as warehouse, department of technical writers, accounting, and administrative department.

We strive to be current and use latest technologies and equipment, and never stop learning. We are not afraid of difficulties and do not have the words “cannot do” in our vocabulary.

We grew older while stayed young and can attest that we have never felt more energetic, happy and goal driven as we do today.

We thank all of you, our clients, for the experience you gave us, for the path that you took us on. We are glad to have you in our lives and hope you are glad you have us in yours! We wish ourselves and you many more years of success and wellbeing! Thank you!

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