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23 April 2021
Dear Friends!
End of April marked 25-year anniversary for our company.
We are proud of this date and wish ourselves many more years of success!
New Line of Dipole Antennas (900  1400MHz)
10 December 2020
The new line of compact dipole antennas with circular pattern has been developed and is under mass producing by SET-1 company.

AHD Technology in SECTOR and RESET Wireless Links
7 September 2020
The improving of SECTOR and RESET multifunctional wireless links the ability to connect high-definition video cameras based on AHD technology.

Company SET-1 has registered its trademark
17 February 2020
The official SET-1 trademark sign and JSC "SET-1" exclusive rights on the trademark are specified in Trademark Registration Certificate
29 November 2019
CORDON-10 The new generation of video transmission system. STACK-5 audio/video recorder with remote access via GSM 4G (LTE). BADGE audio and video recording equipment with the location tracking
CORDON-10 - the new generation of video transmission system - is to be presented at INTERPOLITEX-2019 exhibition
10 October 2019
You are welcome to become acquainted with company SET-1 new development during INTERPOLITEX exhibition (stand # 1B5-3)
New Devices from SET-1 at INTERPOLITEX-2018 exhibition
10 October 2018
SET-1 looks forward to welcoming you for familiarizing with our latest devices at INTERPOLITEX-2018 exhibition (Moscow, VDNH, from 23rd till 26th of October 2018)
SET-1 & RTC Cooperation Agreement
28 August 2018
Company SET-1 and RTC (St. Petersburg) concluded an official agreement on cooperation within the framework of the ARMY-2018 forum