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Wireless Remote Video Surveillance System

Panoramic TV video surveillance (up to 1000m) under poor visibility conditions (smoke, fog, rain, snow etc.) and in low light.

  • Automated deployment system.
  • Automated lifting of boom with pan-tilt unit and optical module.
  • Remote control of the guidance mechanism.
  • Autonomous power supply unit.
  • Digital wireless link.

  • Remote device:
    - TV video camera with lens;
    - thermal imaging camera;
    - remote control commands transmitter/receiver;
    - TV/RC antennas in temperature-proofed housing with heater;
    - Lifting mechanism with power electronics unit and altitude panning gear.

  • Provides observation of the area in poor visibility conditions by use of thermal imaging camera and transmission of video data via digital wireless to a control point (in the range of up to 1000 meters for direct line of sight conditions).

  • Mobile checkpoint:
    - Operator's part (shock-resistant waterproof case with the following installed equipment: video tuner, monitor, remote control commands transmitter, audio and video signals switch, built-in power supply unit, 220V mains power adapter and digital video recorder);
    - Control point part.

    Operator's part of the control point provides reception of video and audio data from the remote device, and also supplies controlling the mechanisms of the remote device.
    Equipment of the control point headquarters part provides recording, monitoring and printing of the video information received from the operator's part.