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Point-To-Point Link For Mobile Video Surveillance and Robotic Systems Remote Control Set

The set provides operator with digital wireless for robotics system remote control and audio-, video- and telemetry data receive while viewing the information on the control panel.

  • Remote control of robotics systems:
    - System ON/OFF turning;
    - Proportional position control of movement and systems actuation devices;
    - Switching and control of video cameras, microphones and thermal cameras;
    - Address control;
    - Control commands authentication.
  • Video, telemetry and navigation data receive and monitoring, audio data listening by the Remote Control Unit.
  • Up to 5 hours standalone downtime.

  • The set is equipped with a highly reliable and high-quality digital channel for data and control signals transmission with COFDM modulation, fully redundant, allowing to move to the other frequency band without delay in case of communication breakdown.
  • Wireless link allows operation in the most difficult conditions of signal propagation: in motion, in urban areas, within non-line-of-sight conditions, in the presence of interference, etc.
  • Operating range of the set is up to 1 km on land and up to 25 km through the air.
  • The complete set of the product includes the latest explosion-proof battery without memory effect with extended temperature range from -50 to +60 with a self-developed control system.
  • The transceiving worn station (TS) is located during operation on the back of the operator in a special backpack based on the aluminum frame. This allows the operator to comfortably move around and control the robot having in hands only multifunctional RC/monitoring unit.

  • Transmission and Switching Unit.
  • Transceiving worn Station.