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New Generation Of Point-To-Multipoint Data Transmission Digital Set

Set allows simultaneous interaction of several groups of robots. Interaction is provided due to managing of multiple wireless networks with high-speed communication channels with redundancy. All robots within the same group have the possibility of organizing communications in point-to-multipoint and everyone-to- everyone modes.

  • Providing of wireless network communications channel for robotic devices group interaction.
  • Full redundancy of the communication channel.
  • Up to 10 Mbit/s per channel (HD video, audio, data) broadband high-speed communication channel.
  • The ability of up to 6 groups forming for simultaneous interaction.
  • The process of interaction within the group (up to 4 sites):
    - point-to-multipoint;
    - everyone-to-everyone (MESH algorithm);
    - Relaying the communication channel within the group.
  • Compatible with IP equipment (TCP/IP, UDP, RS232).
  • The ability to use encryption software modules.
  • Video streaming of HD quality.
  • High resistance to EW.
  • Temperature range from -50 to + 60C.

  • Transmission, Switching and Relay Unit.
  • Mobile Control Post.
  • Transceiving Worn Station.