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SET-1 products purchase order process

  • The commercial companies are to send us request in written form with indication of end user details.

  • Any equipment within the restricted list is to be sold only for official state end users.

  • Accordingly SET-1 provides the commercial offer and the draft of the contract.

  • The official letter form the end user informing about the commercial company (buyer) and the list of ordered products is to be provided (via mail or as a scan copy).

  • After the contract signing by both parties it is sent for approval by Russian state officials (FSB - Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation). Please note the contract becomes valid only after getting FSB approval.

  • The originals of signed contact and the end user letter are to be sent via mail.

  • Based on the contract and FSB approval SET-1 is to obtain export license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

  • Then the contract execution is to be provided according to the terms (payment, delivery) stipulated in it.